Through investing in timeless pieces, one can save a lot of money and look stylish and professional at all occasions.

What are the essentials?

There are certain items in one’s wardrobe without which one cannot go through life. These essential items can be used for almost any occasion, and can be ‘transformed’ into many different outfits.

Black pants:

A pair of black trousers that fit well is independent from any changes in the fashion industry. It can be used for almost all occasions, and fits to most items in one’s wardrobe.

White (French-cuff) dress shirt:

Any pair of trousers, skirt or suit will immediately look stylish with a white, preferably French-cuff, dress shirt. The cuffs add elegance to the shirt and outfit as a whole. A white dress shirt is a must-have in one’s wardrobe.

Black pumps:

Black leather high heels can be worn at day and night, with jeans, trousers and dresses. They always look stylish.

Simple, sophisticated day dress:

As long as it is simple, but stylish, it will be suitable for all informal festivities.

Black suit:

In the business world, this is a standard wardrobe item. It always looks, proper, modern and polished.

Evening dress:

When it comes to evening dresses, a black dress is always associated with elegance and style. With the right accessories, it can be transformed into an outfit suitable for many different occasions.

Dressy jacket:

This is an item that can ‘upgrade’ almost any outfit. It can also be used for different kinds of occasions.

Small evening handbag:

A big daytime bag will not suffice for evening use. A black one is probably the most universal option.

Sophisticated wrap:

For evening use, it is ideal – when the weather allows it to not wear a parka of course…

Metallic strappy sandals:

Decide on silver or gold for evening wear. When the sandals have a bit of a platform, it will be more comfortable to wear.



How to multi layer


These days, it is fashionable to dress in layers. For this reason, there is nothing to worry about regarding fashion, when dressed in this style. As long as one has the basic clothing pieces and the right accessories.

A few suggestions that might help:

  • Basic clothing pieces will be necessary in order to mix and match. This includes a stylish winter coat, a few cardigans, a few warm vests, a cute sweater, leather jacket and jeans.
  • Camis or undershirts could be ‘fashion lifesavers’. They could be used under normal winter clothes for warmth, or simply on their own in the summer.
  • Accessories play an important part in fashionable outfits. This could be scarves (tied differently every time), jewellery like earrings, necklaces, rings, hats, headbands, belts, etc.
  • Patterns can be matched with solid colours in layering. Patterns could be a floral design, stripes, tribal design or polka dots.
  • Boots complete almost any outfit. Try to afford one pair of leather boots (preferably in a neutral colour) and maybe one pair in suede.
  • Tights or leggings allow for dressing in layers, when combined with a skirt or a dress. Wearing a mini skirt in winter with leggings, helps to not completely freeze.

The base colours

In a business wardrobe, the staple or base colours would be navy, charcoal grey, black, white and tan. These colours could easily be combined with anything. For this reason the labelling of ‘base’ colours.

Dressing for business meetings

When in the business world, it is important to keep in mind that half of one’s success depends on creating the right first impression. For this reason, it is worthwhile to invest a bit of time and money in one’s business wardrobe for the necessary meetings.

A conservative, professional look is always the safest choice. One has to keep in mind as well whom one will be meeting – try to dress more or less in the same way as you expect your audience will be dressed.

A few more specific suggestions:

  • Invest in tailored clothing. Although it is more expensive, it is better to have fewer pieces of tailored clothing, than a whole wardrobe full of clothes that do not fit well.
  • Choose conservative colours and fabrics. Dark grey or navy are the best. If formal, black would be suitable. Shiny materials or patterns, for example wide stripes, could be distracting in a business meeting.
  • Pants and suits are fine, as long as the pants are not too tight. It should also be as wrinkle-free as possible.
  • Skirts and dresses are good choices. The length is critical though. When sitting with legs crossed, it should not be too short. The slit should preferably in the back and not too high.

Acquiring the few basic pieces for a business wardrobe, with a few extra items, therefore solves the problem of having a whole wardrobe full of clothes, but not suitable for anything.




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