Books have the ability to enlighten, inspire and advise in a way that many other mediums aren’t able to. For entrepreneurs, guidance and inspiration can come from different sources, and relevant books are wonderful treasure troves that get you through the difficult and confusing times. For mompreneurs, the challenge isn’t just setting up the business and keeping it going- it’s also finding the balance between business and family so that these important facets of your life get the attention they deserve. The beginning of a new year gives you a chance to learn more and improve your approach to business; and finding a book that speaks to whatever process in your business you’re in will have a huge impact. Books keep you enlightened and they help you consider changes you can make as you go along. Here are 5 books that will make a difference for you at the start of 2015.

Mommy + Baby+ Work =3: Working Successfully from Home by Irene Krasnoff

The transition between working in the office to working from home is often so intimidating to mothers because they feel like they lack the guidance and there are so many answers you wish you had the answers to. Can you work from home and still give your kids attention? How can you find your passion and make this a successful business? What home based opportunities are there for mompreneurs? These are all questions that are answered with insights and examples that will make everything a lot less daunting.


5 Levels of Entrepreneurship by Will Mitchell and Kyle Eschenroeder

Sometimes people fail to understand that becoming an entrepreneur is a process that requires time and learning. We often want to become experts immediately without taking the time to learn the different stages that you need to go through. This expertly crafted book takes you through the different levels of entrepreneurship; wantrepeneur, aspiring entrepreneur, successful entrepreneur, serial entrepreneur and entrepreneurial deity. This book is great for an entrepreneur at any level; it teaches you how to be the best at the stage you’re at and how to graduate to the next level.



Shark Tank MOMpreneurs Take a Bite Out of Publicity: How 5 Investors Leveraged Media to Build their Businesses + How YOU Can, Too by Rachel Olsen

There’s so much that entrepreneurs can learn from the people that appear on the TV show Shark Tank, from how to pitch well and how to come up with innovative ideas. In this book, Rachel Olsen presents the different stories of mompreneurs who gained exposure from their appearance on the TV show and also offers advice for people who want to swim with the sharks. This is a book that will not only inspire through its stories, but it will also equip you with tools that can propel your business further.




Mommy Divas on the Move: 16 Successful Secrets for Mompreneurs by Patrice Tartt

Get the chance to learn from 16 women who managed to start their own businesses while balancing being moms. This book offers relatable stories that detail the ups and down, pros and cons of being mompreneurs and provides you with inspiration, guidance and encouragement to bring your ideas to life.




Empowered Women of Social Media: 44 Women Found Their Voices Using the Power of Social Networking by Carla Hall et al

It’s no secret that social media and blogging have become the meal tickets for many mompreneurs, but many of us are left asking “how did she do it?” This book gives us the stories of 44 women who found their passion and voices on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various other platforms. It’s an enlightening book that will inspire you to overcome whatever past doubts, pains or setbacks you have so that you can dream, speak up and create a space for yourself where you can be you. Sometimes what stands between us realizing our dreams is the lack of a confidence boost. This book will provide that and so much more.



Time dedicated to reading a book is time invested in your own development, and this rings especially true when it comes to books for entrepreneurs and mompreneurs who can learn so much from flipping through the pages of some well-crafted and insightful pages. Reading is also incredibly great if you want to reflect and be introspective. Sometimes the best inspiration happens when the things we read in pages, connect to what’s in our heads and hearts.

Happy reading!

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