Moms on the go need to eat healthy, both to maintain a healthy diet and to keep energy levels up. Two simple rules to keep in mind right at the start, is to skip fast food and avoid sugary snacks. These foods are not only unhealthy, but will leave one even more tired than before. The secret is therefore to maintain a balanced nutrient-dense diet, despite being on the go….

Breakfast ideas

Important is to start one’s day with a good breakfast. If there is in general simply no time in the mornings to eat a healthy breakfast, whether it is because of getting up too late, having to take the children to school, or simply a hectic schedule, prepare breakfast the night before and simply keep it in the fridge to simply ‘grab and go’ in the morning.

Examples of a healthy breakfast to prepare in advance and pack:

1. Smoothies are probably the easiest breakfast snack to pack. It is possible with almost any kind of fruit.


– Banana ginger smoothie:
1 banana
¾ cup of vanilla yoghurt
1 tablespoon of honey
½ teaspoon of grated ginger
Combine all the ingredients and blend.
Due to the fresh ginger, this smoothie could help with digestion, heartburn, nausea, and stomach trouble in general.

– Mixed fruit smoothie
1 cup plain fat free yoghurt
1 banana
½ orange juice
6 frozen strawberries
Combine all the ingredients together and blend.
This smoothie contains a lot of vitamin C, due to the strawberries and orange juice.

When preparing smoothies the night before, one can simply put it in the freezer. When packing it the next morning, it will start to thaw and be ready as soon as the biggest rush of the morning is over.

2. Oat-based muffins are healthy, especially when one adds for example grated carrots, raisins, or healthy nuts. They are easy to pack as well. The reason why oatmeal is healthy, is because it is a source of fibre. When one eats it, one will feel full for a longer time. It also lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol.

3. Fruit salad is also easy to prepare the night before and pack into a small Tupperware container.

4. Oatmeal squares are very healthy (see explanation above) and a good alternative for oatmeal porridge.

5. Frozen nutty bananas are healthy and something different. Cut the bananas in halves. Put on a baking sheet and spread with almond butter (on the sides not touching the sheet). Stick for example granola on top and freeze. They could easily be packed and give a lot of energy.


Lunch suggestions



It is not always just breakfast one needs on the go though. But as long as one does not get bored with the same, unimaginitive snacks every day, one will also be less tempted by fast food or something sweet. Also, it is not only healthy, but much cheaper.

There are many quick, interesting and healthy snacks to pack for lunch.


1. Turkey-Boursin wrap
This wrap is very tasty and contains only lean meat.
The following ingredients could be used:
– Cabbage und plum tomatoes – both antioxidant-rich
– Grated carrots – contains cancer-reducing vitamin A
– Boursin, garlic and parsley
– Turkey meat – lean, but filling and contains proteien

2. Salmon salad
Salmon – contains omega-3 fatty acids (prevent heart disease and is good for memory)
Cucumbers – contains silica (good for complexion)
Red bell peppers – antioxidant-rich, high in fibre and folic acid

3. Mango and chicken sandwich
Use full-grain bread, add prepared chicken.
Mango – contains iron and adds sweet, juicy flavour
Red onion – lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol
Normal salad leaves and any healthy sauce, for example Hoisin sauce which does not contain too many calories.

4. Triple layered apple sandwich
Cut apple in three horizontal layers.
Remove trunk from every slice carefully.
Make a triple ‘sandwich’ of your choice, for example spreading almond butter on the bottom slice, and dried fruit and sesame seeds on the next layer. Put the slices on top of each other to have a whole apple again.
This snack is much more interesting and tasty than just a normal apple.

In general, preparing food for eating on the way, is the best solution for busy moms. Even when one manages to say no to fast food, starving oneself over lunchtime only results in one overeating later. Eating packed food, for both health and financial reasons, does not have to mean eating less tasty or ‘boring’ food. When really having to eat out quickly, it is often mostly about the portion size as well as the way the food is prepared. If one pays attention to that, it will already help.
It is therefore possible to eat healthy, tasty and cheap while on the go!



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