November 2017 saw Singapore Expat Women (SEW) hosting their first major coffee event of the year at the newly opened Novotel Singapore on Stevens Road. The ‘Coffee Club’ event attracted close to 100 women from all walks of life, to what was the biggest coffee event the group has ever ran. “It was both humbling and overwhelming to see so many women from our community come out for this event” said group owner Amanda Dyer. “Our typical coffee events tend to attract around 30 women but this one completely oversubscribed and we had to unfortunately put close to 40 more women on the waiting list.” she continued. SEW grew to over 10,000 members in late 2017 and continues to grow as one of the more popular Facebook groups for Singapore based women to interact, network and generally support one another. The group is planning a huge year in 2018 with different event concepts to fuel the healthy appetite for this growing and hyper-engaged group. About venues.. “We only work wit…
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Is It Possible To Go Beyond The Clouds? Singapore’s Premier Networking Event For Modern Women Certainly Achieved That Today

I often get asked why I put in so much energy to create events like "Coffee In The Clouds" and my answer is almost always the same.. to build a platform that promotes positivity and allow women from all walks of life to come together to network and forge new friendships. I'm still smiling (ear to ear) as I think back to today's amazing event, seeing so many beautiful girls laughing and making new friends. Not to mention, we get to enjoy it all in a stunning place like CÉ LA VI. This is exactly what our growing Facebook community Singapore Expat Women is all about and promotes. Please invite all your friends to join this group so we can keep doing events like these. Thanks for all you support and kind messages - I'm pumped! Congrats to S.E.W. member Marie Nygate for winning this week’s goodie bag worth over $700!!!!! Read More
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