They say that money can’t buy happiness and that’s the wisdom behind our hobby list. Fun and fulfilling pastimes need not be expensive – and some of them are completely free. Even better, you may even find a few hobbies that pay you to do them.

Have a look through our list of 20 cheap hobbies to find your new hidden passion.

Exercise is a great pastime. Not only does it keep you healthy and in shape, but science has proven that it can make you happier. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins, or happy hormones.

1. Jogging: This is probably the best ‘cheap exercise’ pastime- you can do it almost anywhere and all you need is decent footwear. If you’re quite a competitive person, then there’s also the option of participating in races, marathons and fun-runs.

2. Cycling: Almost as great as running, albeit slightly more expensive, unless you own a bike already. You can do this outdoors and take in some fresh air, or indoors on an exercise bike.

3. Swimming: This form of exercise might not be so cheap if the only place you can swim is at a swimming centre with an expensive membership fee. But, if you’re lucky enough to live near the sea or a swimming pool then there shouldn’t be anything preventing you from getting in the water.

4. Surfing: If you can picture yourself as one of the ‘Beach Boys’ then surfing is definitely for you. Get yourself a “bushy, bushy blonde hair-do” and head on down to the beach for some really fun exercise.

5. Snorkeling: There’s a whole other world beneath the waves, and no one says you have to limit your exercise to land-based activities. You can buy all the necessary equipment for under $100, and you’re all set to explore the underwater world.

Exercising your body might not be your thing, but thankfully, there are great cheap hobbies you can take up that will also exercise your mind.


6. Reading: The top dog of frugal hobbies. If you don’t want to physically leave the comfort of your couch, a book can take your mind to many different places. Whether you want to educate yourself, or escape into different worlds, joining a nearby library will provide you with lots of free books for you to immerse yourself in.

7. Writing: Moving from reading to writing could be a natural jump. Since 3200 BC, humans have occupied themselves with writing, and all you need is a pen and paper, or a computer. Whether you enjoy writing poetry, letters, or the next bestseller, you won’t have to spend much money in the process.

8. Start a blog: On the topic of writing, why not start a blog? It can be used for anything, whether it’s just for your personal thoughts, following one of your goals, or it can have a specific theme. Try WordPress for your first blog as it’s easy to use, with lots of useful free features.

9. Drawing: We all have creativity hidden within us, and a great way to exercise your more creative side is to draw. Whether it’s painting, sketching, doodling, or drawing comics, anyone can do it.

10. Learn a language: We live in a world of different languages, all of them beautiful in their own way. So, why should you know only one? Not only will it impress your friends, but it will also make traveling to foreign countries far easier.

New Skills
If you have some time on your hands, why not use it learn a few new skills – who knows when they will come in handy in the future?


11. Learn to cook different cuisines: Familiarise yourself with new cooking styles, and soon you’ll be excited to cook yourself dinner every night. Despite promoting a cheaper and healthier lifestyle, good cooking can also impress your friends and family, or even a date.

12. Home-brewing: Did you know that you can brew your own beer, cider, or wine at home? All it takes is some equipment, and trust us, in the long run it will end up being cheaper drinking your own brewed alcohol than going to the bar.

13. Dance a little: There’s nothing better than being able to strut your stuff when the next hit song comes on the radio. Learn a few dance moves, and soon you’ll be the next John Travolta.

14. Learn carpentry: Not only is this hobby fulfilling, it could open up a whole new world of creativity and save you money. Learn how to fix and restore your own household items, and maybe people will start paying you to fix up some of theirs.

15. Learn to cut your hair: Not only will you be able to cut your hair exactly the way you want it; you will also avoid having to spend large sums at the hairdresser.

Although it might be slightly more expensive, traveling is definitely worth the extra bucks. And there are lots of cheap options available.

India, Karnataka, Young female tourist photographing on top of hill in Hampi

16. Couch Surfing: You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home for this option. Spend time surfing the web for bargain places to stay while traveling.

17. Airbnb: This website is the best option for finding affordable places to stay locally or overseas, and you will be able to stay in a comfortable, homely environment rather than a hotel.

18. Travel the world by house-sitting: Imagine exploring a foreign land, while enjoying free accommodation. Well, now that’s a reality. There are loads of great house-sitting websites, where you can find places to stay in the short to medium term – and all you have to do is look after someone’s house in return.

19. Van Dwelling: Immerse yourself in the hippy life and live in a van. It’s fun, frugal, and free!

20. Become a caretaker: This option is similar to house sitting, but usually in more remote places and with a paying salary. So, if you’re looking to escape city-life then this option could be for you.

360 Summary
If you’re looking for a few interesting and enriching ways to fill your spare time, then our list of 20 cheap hobbies could provide you with some inspiration – and, best of all, these ideas are more affordable than most. From reading to van dwelling, you’d be surprised of how much fun you can have on a budget.

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