Well it’s that time of the year again, as we start shopping for gifts for our loved ones, colleagues & neighbours. This year, we have hand selected some of our favourite Christmas gift ideas to help you with some clever ideas..

Hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

Merry Christmas to all of you and see you all in the new year.

Team SEW


Launched in 2016, APPARELLA is a Singapore based fashion brand with European roots breaking into the Ecommerce market. Created as a tribute to the female spirit APPARELLA aims to empower women to be all they choose to be.

Women can expect quality pieces with the idea of affordable luxury in mind. APPARELLA’S ready-to-wear collections consist of well-thought-out basics and sharp-tailored pieces.

In a world where fast fashion brands are overtaking our closets APPARELLA takes time for attention to detail and thought for the choice of fabrics.


Kasia Pawlak

I am a Singapore based artist originally from Warsaw, Poland. When I was in my 20s I developed my interest in painting while watching my mother paint, although I didn’t paint much at the time. A few years ago I discovered acrylics, my favourite medium and began my love for and devotion to painting. In my portfolio you will find landscapes, nudes, portraits and pure abstracts, but it is the cityscapes that I am drawn to the most, especially places I used to live in, like Tokyo. My originals and prints have been sold across the world, from Europe to Japan, Australia and the U.S. I never know what my paintings will look like at the end as the process is spontaneous and fast, and I hope you too can feel all the good vibes and love that I put into these works of art.

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SmileLAB Singapore provides professional teeth whitening using top quality teeth whitening products made in the USA for the reputable company SmileLABS. The whitening gels have gone through the proper regulatory agencies to ensure it passes the quality control. The procedure is simple and effective. It uses a technology that has been used by dentists for over twenty years.


Foteva Fashion House Singapore

The FOTEVA brand speaks to women. The style is elegant, empowering an individual look and made for women who enjoy life and make bold statement through their personal vogue.
FOTEVA fashion house uses pure and premium materials, supplied by top textile manufacturers in Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Bulgaria and some parts of Asia. Designs are handmade, details are handsewn and crafted through proper know-how.


Kildi Photo

Photos by Tatyana Kildisheva.
Unique Singapore art on canvas and metal. Event and family photography.

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Poppy & Maria

The brand was born in 2015, out of a desire to find luxurious and unique jewellery that is both high quality and affordable.

With an eclectic eye, each piece is painstakingly designed and created to ensure that not only the finest craftsmanship has been used, but also that each piece is as unique and alluring as its intended wearer.

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Mocca brings you an extensive range of unique home and personal accessories. https://www.facebook.com/moccahomedecor/


Yumminess For You

Looking for a personalised gift for your kid’s teacher? Or something personalized for family members? Get in touch with this brand and be dazzled by a host of personalised gift ideas.

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This ever-growing, global movement inspires women to live their best, lives through Holistic Living. That is achievable through the daily practice of Love, Nourish and Grow. What some people don’t know is that the meaning behind our logo. It symbolises the holistic crown of God, with blue and pink symbolises men and women in harmony trinity together. They appear on every garment are a constant reminder to the wearer, that Holistic Living isn’t just words, it’s a personal, everyday choice.


Arko By Archana Jain

The founder of Arko loves colours and hence inspired by the vibrant hues of the rainbow she founded her jewellery line ARKO. Coincidently the brand name also happens to be the initials of Archana (the founder) and her husband Komal and she laughingly calls Arko her third child.

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