November 2017 saw Singapore Expat Women (SEW) hosting their first major coffee event of the year at the newly opened Novotel Singapore on Stevens Road. The ‘Coffee Club’ event attracted close to 100 women from all walks of life, to what was the biggest coffee event the group has ever ran.

“It was both humbling and overwhelming to see so many women from our community come out for this event” said group owner Amanda Dyer. “Our typical coffee events tend to attract around 30 women but this one completely oversubscribed and we had to unfortunately put close to 40 more women on the waiting list.” she continued.

SEW grew to over 10,000 members in late 2017 and continues to grow as one of the more popular Facebook groups for Singapore based women to interact, network and generally support one another.

The group is planning a huge year in 2018 with different event concepts to fuel the healthy appetite for this growing and hyper-engaged group.

About venues..

“We only work with the best venues in Singapore. Past venues like CeLaVi and Artemis Grill have set the bar very high for our events, and that’s why we chose Novotel Singapore on Stevens. This gorgeous property has a vast selection of stunning hospitality and dining options but the staff are also awesome. Kevin Bossino and his team are running a great show down there and we are excited about doing more with them in 2018.” said Amanda.

The event was held in the stunning L’Aperitif Tapas Bar in the lobby of the hotel, where guests were free to roam through the gorgeous room and enjoy the space.

“So many of the ladies stayed on for the awesome buffet lunch at Food Exchange after the event. The food and service was top notch and many of us ladies have since returned with our families.” said Amanda

Growth plans..

The group has aspirations to grow to 20,000 members in 2018 and are now planning structured workshops, seminars and other creative concepts to help members learn and navigate issues about living and doing business in Singapore.

If you are interested in collaborating with SEW and simply want to be part of Singapore’s most engaging group for women, click here to JOIN SEW

Please see below some pics from the November’s ‘Coffee Club’ event at Novotel Singapore on Stevens.

Photography by: Choon Jeow Ng from pixel studio


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