Are you an Entrepreneur or a Wantrepreneur?

Nowadays everyone wants to be called an entrepreneur and have the praise that comes with it- the only problem is many of these people are actually wantrepreneurs who don’t do much except talk about their huge ambitions. Entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs are separated by so many things but what really shows where they differ are how far they go and how much they achieve. It’s important to adopt the mind-set of an entrepreneur; that’s how those huge ambitions become even greater results.

Wantrepreneur: “It’s all about me”

Entrepreneur: “It’s all about the team”

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[EAT] Singapore’s First & Only Thai-Peranakan Vegetarian Eatery

Sometimes everybody in a group of friends is either vegetarian or prefers to eat vegetarian on a particular day. It then becomes imperative to find somewhere new and exciting to go to. One of the places in town that offers an all vegetarian menu is Whole Earth, Singapore’s first and only Thai-Peranakan Vegetarian restaurant, Whole Earth has built a healthier community that comprises of families, healthy food-seekers, executives, vegans, and foodies who have found a healthier alternative, where each dish is inspired by two very strong food cultures. The restaurant is located in busy Peck Seah Street, perfect for a working lunch crowd as well as people hunting for elusive all vegetarian food. The exterior and interior are bright and cheerful café style and the idea behind the concept is to make vegetarian food that is not only nutritious but appealing to meat eaters as well. We decided to go for a jug of cold lemongrass juice with Japanese konnyaku , known to have cleansin…
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