P&G Thank You, Mom | The Winter Olympics 2018 | #LoveOverBias

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSWyrR4gXkw The amazing folks at Proctor & Gamble have done it again with another dedication video saying thanks to moms all over the world for raising their children and helping them battle diversity. Here's a comment from P&G: "When the world sees differences, a mom sees boundless potential. For the Winter Olympics 2018, we’re honoring a mom’s role in helping her kids overcome the world’s bias. Just imagine what the world could be if we all saw each other through a mom’s loving eyes. Thank you, Mom."
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[Business Etiquette Series] How To Do Business In South Korea

For a business person, conducting business in a foreign country can seem like a fun and exciting opportunity. You get the chance to learn, to grow, to explore this new culture and lifestyle. However, it can also be a minefield. Different cultures have different ways of doing things, and gestures that may be considered ordinary or complimentary in your hometown may be deemed rude and unacceptable in this different culture. Therefore, it is essential that you are clued up on how to behave when traveling for business. Do not worry- Mompreneur 360 is here to help. We are going to do the research for you, so you don't have to. We will be creating these business etiquette guides for many different destinations. This guide: South Korea. The basics How should you dress? When visiting Korea, you should dress modestly. For business occasions, dress conservatively. Women- wear subdued colors. Men- dear suits with white shirts. Do not wear jewelry if you are a man- the only acceptabl…
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