Ever since the birth of my first child, I am always keeping at look out for innovative mother and baby products to help me ease the burden of a full time working mom and at the same time, making my motherhood an enjoyable experience.

Thanks to my daughter, because of her love for kidsme food feeder and that gives me more time to enjoy my meals with my friends. So, she inspired me to bring in this innovative product to share with fellow mothers.

With the help of my husband, we started Totsworld in Jan 2014, striving to bring innovative and premium baby products from all over the world to parents. We believe in using the products first before letting your little ones to use. After all, we are all parents, hoping we can give the best to them.

Our other companies:
Babywise Singapore
First and Only Company who do Hair brush and sculpture together.

Balloon Town
Events & Party Planner, Rental of Activities Stations. Founded in 2013, Balloon Town was set up solely as a Balloon Company. In 2016, we took over to provide a holistic solution for our customers.

Angugu Baby
Showroom for our products and Arts & Crafts activities center.

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