Temple Luxury Fragranced Candles & Diffusers pay homage to romantic travels of the Far East, evoking memories of Singapore and the exotic lifestyle of island living.

Inspired by the sublime fragrances of Oriental botanics; escapes to remote islands surrounded by turquoise seas and the meditative calm of temples of the Orient.

Perfectly packaged for gifting, each Temple signature gift box features a hand woven ‘Eternal Knot’ tassel which has a centuries-old meaning in many parts of Asia – a charm that symbolises good luck, longevity, and an auspicious connection between two fates.

Handmade in Singapore from the finest quality Australian-sourced ingredients, each Temple Luxury Fragranced Candle is created using premium quality, soft soy blend wax, a boutique range of essential oil fragrances, and non-bleached lead-free wicks.

Double wicked for amazing ambiance and glow, our big beautiful candles can burn for up to 80 hours*.

Shop online at www.templecandles.com

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