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For NEIMASITAWI, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication where every piece is designed for women who aspire to have the utmost sense of quality and style. The brand evokes simplicity, style, sophistication and sensuality; behind every piece is a story, a woman and a soul. Versatility and variation are paramount to each design and it is our goal to insure that each women is given a canvas upon which they can unleash their personal style philosophy.

NEIMASITAWI is an international boutique fashion brand founded in Bologna, Italy in 2010. Our designs are exclusively created by American-born fashion designer, Neima Sitawi using traditional Italian tailoring concepts. The collections at NEIMASITAWI are carefully crafted by some Italy’s top pattern makers and constructed under strict supervision with keen attention to fabric origin and quality.


对于NEIMASITAWI,简约是精致和优雅,所有设计都 最大可能的满足女性对质感和个人风格的追求。该品 牌唤起时尚简约,高雅和感官享受;每块布料的背后 阐述着一个故事,一个女人和一种精神。在设计风格 上体现多样性且富有变化极为重要,我们的目标是让 每个女人都充分展现他们的个人风格魅力。

NEIMASITAWI 意大利博洛尼亚奢华精品女装品牌创 立于2010年。由美国时装设计师 Neima Sitawi独家创 设,运用传统的意大利裁剪理念设计,由顶级制模师 磨造,作品在严格监督下缝制。我们非常注重面料的 原产地和质量的选择。

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