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Making the right decisions is paramount from the get go.
We are here to prevent you from investing time and money on wrong decisions.

With extensive expertise in restaurant start-ups, Hatch & Ko’s service is holistic, covering all a of your venture from initial set up all the way through to recruitment and HR processes and to establishing supplier relationships, maintaining sustainable operations and beyond. If required, we also assist in obtaining F&B grants.

One of the great benefits of Hatch & Ko is the extensive network of suppliers. Front and back, this allows decisions to be made very quickly as the price point is always competitive. We source the best price possible and are confident of delivering the best value.

Because your business will have its unique set of requirements, we can customise our services to suit and optimise the set up and processes.

Our service tasks generally cover but are not limited to:

Initial consultation with directors
Establish full budget for the project
Develop comprehensive framework and timeline of development process
Recommend, obtain quotes and engage contractors and interior design companies
Propose insurance companies and assist in quotations
Advise on recruiting the right manpower
Assist in uniform design and oversee production
Assist in sourcing all products working with suppliers for competitive pricing
Set up HR processes: prepare employment contracts, set up MOM, CPF
Develop standard operational procedures and create operational manuals
Establish comprehensive job descriptions
Recruit all management and rank-in file
Develop training program for opening
Source the correct POS system and oversee the development
Set up finance processes: create and develop budget and daily forecasts
Assist with quotations on pre-launch, launch and post launch
Develop and implement wine and beverage program
Recommend PR & Marketing agencies, oversee the direction
Post implementation: maintenance of operations and systems
Troubleshoot and adjust all back- and front-of-house issues to ensure smooth operations
Ensure management follows the right training procedure


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