Beloved Bumps Prenatal Classes are designed to provide pregnant women with information on what to expect during labour, birth and the postnatal period, whilst building a network of friends and having fun. There is a big emphasis on making and maintaining a support network. The classes are:

– Taught by a UK trained and registered midwife
– Interactive, fun, informative and sociable classes
– Unbiased – we teach all the information there is, with no judgement on pain relief, mode of delivery etc.

And the course price includes:
– Pre and Postnatal fitness class with a personal trainer
– A ‘Ladies Lunch’ at Blu Kouzina in Dempsey. Created by nutritionists so you can learn what to eat to prepare for labour and aid recovery
– ‘Beers for Boys’ at the classes, to make it even more enjoyable for them!
– Postnatal reunion – the group will have an organised meet up once their babies are born to help keep their friendships strong
– Multiple locations – so that mums to be can meet others who live close by

Additional Info

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