Reinvent Yourself

Sometimes one of the best things you can do for yourself is hit the refresh button and reinvent yourself. It’s something we’ve seen famous people do so many times. Matthew McConaughey went from romantic comedy hunk to an actor capable of transforming and immersing himself in complex and compelling roles. Madonna has reinvented herself so many times throughout her career and it has kept her relevant. Reinvention isn’t always done because there’s something wrong, but because change is a really good thing and it’s something that rejuvenates us and reenergizes us. If there is one thing that is a constant in our lives, it is change – so let’s look at a few ways for you to hit the “re-set” button.


1. Visualize

Surprised girl using binoculars


Everything starts in the mind, and that’s where you need to set the direction you want to go in your life. Sit in a quiet space, close your eyes and start to create a picture a reinvented you. Make yourself aware of what reinvention looks like- is it a job, your style or just the way you carry yourself? Write down what you saw and internalize it – this is your starting point towards your evolution.


2. Purge


There is no way you can reinvent yourself or evolve if you don’t create space in your life for a new you. Sometimes what holds us back are the things we hold onto, including people, so it’s necessary to consider any anchors tying you down so that you can take action. If you want to change your style, get rid of clothes that don’t fit into that and if you no longer want to have the negative influence of certain people, cut ties with them. If you want to lose weight get rid of the unhealthy food in your home. Reinvention that comes in the form of changing careers take steps to get there- this could mean doing a course, or taking steps to start a business. Quitting your current job is something you might not be able to do immediately but the most important thing is that you’re taking steps towards it.


3. Do Something Big


We often stand in our own way when we want to change our lives. We drag our feet and procrastinate because we’re afraid of what people might think or we’re just afraid of doing something different. Sometimes caution needs to be thrown to the wind and something has to be done to force you to refresh. I’ve seen women who have kept the same hairstyle cut their hair and dye it another colour; I have seen people terrified of heights sky dive. These are scary things to do but they effectively get you out of your comfort zone and as a result you see yourself differently- as a person who can face their fears, so making a change becomes more of a possibility.


5. Remind yourself


A trick I have seen many successful people apply is having things that remind them of what they want to achieve. For example, one might keep a picture of a successful person or their family. These mementos remind them to keep working hard. If you want to reinvent yourself, you should do the same thing, have reminders of who you want to become and make sure you see them every day to keep you on track.


6. Goals


Having the great big dream is one thing, but the next thing you need is to turn the goal into workable milestones- without this it will just remain a dream. What you need to do is break it down into tasks you can see yourself doing. If you want to start your own business, do this by setting goals like write business plan, set up website, set up social media and get a logo designed. This gives you a list of things you can wake up to do. You will get to what you want this way, not by taking enormous leaps.


Self-reinvention is a process that so many of us but what separates people is those that want to reinvent themselves and those that actually do it. Fear is one of the reasons it doesn’t happen for millions of people and for others the idea of doing this is actually intimidating and overwhelming. It’s normal to feel afraid and daunted but it’s also possible to overcome these feelings and do something that will actually make you better and so much happier and more fulfilled than you are feeling right now.


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