Running a business from home to create commercial success is tough.

Raising children as a full time Mompreneur is arguably tougher.

With this in mind, we have done some digging to bring you some very clever gadgets that can help make life easier with the kiddies.


Quicklock – Bluetooth + RF/NFC Electronic Padlock



Forget the traditional padlock and key and make way for Quicklock.

It is a Bluetooth + RF/NFC electronic padlock which comes with a multiple access solution. You can open multiple padlocks by using Bluetooth 4.0 on your smartphone or through any Quicklock branded RF/NFC wireless keys. This padlock is durable, weather resistant and easy to use by all ages. They come ina range of cute and funky colors and now you can control what you open (or close) from wherever you are.

You can purchase Quicklock by clicking HERE.






Kids love to build things and play ‘cubby house’ – you were there too!

Be it in the living room or the backyard, this really cool product allows any kid to become an instant master builder. These are made of 100% silicone, and are recyclable. These are brightly colored bands that can stretch and keep your masterpiece bounded together in a safe and clever way.

Stick-Lets can also be tossed in the dishwasher whenever they get to be too dirty, and they won’t get destroyed by the cleaning chemicals.

You can purchase Stick-Lets by clicking HERE.


Pepperoni Bedding


One thing all kids love is Pizza. Big, greasy and cheesy pizza. So what could be a better way to put your kids to sleep then to turn their entire bed into a greasy pepperoni pizza?

Afterall, we all know that aliens and ghosts wont abduct or scare greasy children so this bed is super safe and promises your children a good night’s sleep. Wink!

The makers of these sheets are also famous for their Sausage Pillow (which was such a huge seller that it’s listed as SOLD OUT) on their website.


You can purchase Stick-Lets by clicking HERE.

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