SINGAPORE: When serial mompreneur Amanda Dyer started the CONNECT Lunch series here in Singapore, she really only had one important thing in mind – to bring together other like minded mompreneurs so they can mix, mingle & network with each other.

The digitally connected Dyer spends a lot of her time online, building her social networks and promoting her many different business. During this time, she also speaks to many women who have just moved to Singapore and are in desperate need of advice on everyday things. “Women are always asking me to help introduce them to other women because what we forget, is that these strong expat women leave behind their support structure of friends & family when they move here and often it’s very difficult for them to make new friends” says Dyer. “It’s hard enough running a business in general, but being a mom and finding the right formula to juggle both tasks is probably ten times harder” she continues.

So it was befitting that somebody had to do something to bring these clever mompreneurs together. On Tuesday 23rd September, the first CONNECT lunch took place at the fabulous Bar-Roque Grill. Thirty amazingly dressed mompreneurs came together with much excitement & gusto in the name of networking. The rooms was filled with lawyers, fashion designers, fitness coaches, online store owners, hair dressers and even a cake maker, who were all busy swapping business cards and chatting about their businesses.

What made the lunch even more interesting was the injection of a guest speaker into the program. “I wanted to add something a little different to the lunch by inviting a guest speaker to say a few words to the mompreneurs. People learn from other people – be it their successes or failures, so for every CONNECT event, my plan is to get someone up to speak to the group” said Dyer.

The guest speaker for this lunch was non other than the influential Singapore lawyer mompreneur Helen Chia. Being the appointed child representative at the Family Justice Division of the State Courts, Singapore, Helen was most equipped to speak to the crowd about the importance of strength & discipline when starting or running a business whilst being a mom. The well-accomplished mompreneur who is also a Barrister-at-Law shared her own experience with the other mommies and opened up the room for dialogue, allowing others to share their thoughts & experiences. An engaging session to say the least!

The food was a smash hit – no surprises being the Chef Stephane & Kori Miller know a thing or two about fine dining. Both coming from world-class establishments at Marina Bay Sands, the dynamic duo produced a mouth-watering menu for our mommies, which was incredibly well received and immensely enjoyed.

Seeing that women account for approximately 80% of all purchasing decisions when it comes to branded goods, it was no surprises that the corporate world were very keen to sponsor this event. Sponsors like Hugel Gentil wines, Chaoxangel, Body mind on Niven, Artistry Mansion and Cozmo Deals all contributed to lovely goodie bags the momprenuers left with. Thanks again to you all!

Check out some pictures from the event:

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Before we say goodbye, please see below what attended for September 2014’s event had to say..

“Great event Miss Amanda! I have a few friends asking about dates for the next one?”

“Thank you again, Amanda Dyer.. it was such a lovely lunch.. and giving the opportunity to meet really lovely people. I am certain connections were made this afternoon.. such a success! look forward to more!!!”

“Thank you Amanda Dyer ! what a wonderful reason to get us mompreneurs all together! was so great meeting all of you and look forward to working together and seeing you all in the future!”

“Fabulous lunch Amanda , so many lovely,elegant ladies literally and metaphorically … And it’s not just the outside I am talking about ….”

“Amanda Dyer thank you for putting on a lovely lunch connection today. The food was delish! I enjoyed the speakers and especially chatting and be surrounded by amazing mums. Thank you for inviting me and the fabulous goodie bags looking forward to the next one.”

“That was such a nice afternoon Amanda Dyer…thank you! Was lovely meeting you ladies and hope to meet & greet the ones I didnt …next time around!”

“Thanks Amanda Dyer for arranging a really fantastic networking lunch it was so lovely to meet fellow working moms and exchanging our experiences and ideas. Looking forward to the next one!”

“Fantastic lunch, thoroughly enjoyed it, from the great setting and delicious food to great company! Thank you Amanda, you did a truly great job.”

Want to attend this event? Email: [email protected] or simply like the Facebook page for more info.

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