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Five Essential Tips For The Savvy Entrepreneur



Listen, Adopt and Apply

This article was originally published on our partner Rikvin’s website.

In its bid to drive and encourage the spirit of entrepreneurship, the Singapore government has created several programmes for small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”) to leverage off on, such as the Business Advisors Programme (“BAP”) led by SPRING, which matches experienced business advisors to SMEs to provide guidance and an established network in the relevant industry. In addition, various private incubators and venture capitalist firms also provide advice and support to SMEs in Singapore.
While a sole founder or core management team can mean that decisions are clear-cut, being open-minded and listening to the views of knowledgeable business advisors can greatly benefit the business, as well as assist its management in refining and streamlining the business’ strategies and operations.

In addition, experienced business advisors may shed light on different aspects of the industry that one may not be aware of. This can help you prepare your business to face anticipated obstacles, use more cost-efficient methods, strategise how to effectively disburse your capital, or how to target a selected niche market that no other competitor in the industry has addressed.


August 28, 2016 |

[Mompreneur Alert] Meet Clara Luboff – A Mompreneur Serious About Keeping Your Kids Healthy



Let’s face it, as parents we want the best for our children. This is unconditional and in most cases we would go the extra mile to look further, look harder and do more research. That said, talented Mompreneur Clara Luboff has made life easier for most of us when it comes to nutrition for our little ones.

We caught up with Clara for a chat about her business and her golden advice about keeping our children fit & healthy. This is what she had to say..

1) How long have you been in Singapore and what brought you here?

Like most expats living in Singapore, what brought me here was my husband’s job. We came to Singapore just over 3 years ago.


August 28, 2016 |
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